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The WELD-2D Application

Automated Welding Procedure Development for Keyhole Welds

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WELD-2D is a general purpose application for computing optimal weld procedures where 2 dimensional (3D) heat flow predominates. The model is based on the Rosenthal moving line source solution to the conduction heat flow equation.

Many laser and electron beam welds can be represented with the line source when full penetration is achieved. Other SmartWeld applications can be used for welds that do not exhibit the line source shape shown on the right.

The user specifies the required weld pool dimension and WELD-2D calculates all power and travel speed combinations (a procedure) that will produce the weld in the chosen metal or alloy.

WELD-2D calculates weld dimensions, parameter values, and several quality parameters including melting efficiency, temperature sensitivity, thickness sensitivity, and power sensitivity .

WELD-2D currently can be used for 19 metals and alloys: 304, 15-5PH, and17-4PH stainless steels, 1018, HY80, and HY130 steels, Hastelloy C4, C22, and B2, Kovar, 1100 and 6061 Aluminum, Ti-6Al-4V, Inconel 625, and 718, Nickel 200, 110 Copper, Tin, and Molybdenum.

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