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The ISOSPOT-3D Application

Thick Plate Spot Weld Temperature Contours 

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ISOPOT-3D is a general purpose application for determining the temperatures adjacent to a spotweld when three dimensional (3D) heat flow predominates.

The user must input the spotweld procedure and ISOSPOT-3D will graphically produce the temperature fields in the surrounding base metal for the chosen metal or alloy. ISOSPOT-3D calculates peak temperatures and several quality parameters including melting efficiency, temperature sensitivity, and peak power sensitivity .

The model is based on the continuous point source solution to the conduction heat flow equation. ISOSPOT-3D can be used for resistance welding, pulse arc welding, laser spot welding, and other short duration processes where melting occurs very rapidly.

ISOSPOT-3D currently can be used for 19 metals and alloys: 304, 15-5PH, and17-4PH stainless steels, 1018, HY80, and HY130 steels, Hastelloy C4, C22, and B2, Kovar, 1100 and 6061 Aluminum, Ti-6Al-4V, Inconel 625, and 718, Nickel 200, 110 Copper, Tin, and Molybdenum.

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