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Metals and Engineering Alloys in SmartWeld


304 stainless - 18Cr-8Ni austenitic stainless steel, widely used, with excellent combination of strength, corrosion resistance, and fabricability.

15-5PH stainless steel- 15Cr-5Ni, precipation hardened martensitic stainless steel with good machinability for aerospace applications.

17-4 stainless steel - 17Cr-4Ni, precipitation hardened martensitic stainless steel with high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Used in oil field, chemical process, nuclear reactor, and jet engine parts.

1018 steel - 0.18C-bal Fe plain carbon steel. 60 ksi tensile strength. Among the most common steels widely used for component parts.

HY130 - 0.12C-5Ni-0.6Cr-0.5Mo-bal Fe high yield strength steel(min. 130 ksi) used in shipbuilding.

HY80 - 0.18C-2.6Ni-1.4Cr-0.4Mo-bal Fe, high yield strength steel (min. 80 ksi) used in shipbuilding.

tin - A low melting point pure metal included in SOAR for comparative purposes.

molybdenum - Pure metal with excellent high temperature strength and corrosion resistance in some environments.

nickel 200 - Commercially pure nickel, 99.5% min., used for chemical handling and food processing.

Kovar - 29Ni-17Co-Bal Fe low expansion alloy for glass and ceramic seals in electronics packaging.

1100 aluminum - Low strength with 99% min. Al, architectural applications, furniture, deep drawn parts.

6061 aluminum - Precipitation hardened structural alloy used for piping, automotive, railway, and marine applications.

110 copper - Also called ETP copper, oxygen bearing with 99.9 % minimum purity, used for radiators, busbars, gutters.

Hastelloy C4 - Ni-16Cr-16Mo alloy with elevated temperature ductility and corrosion resistance

Hastelloy C22 - Ni-22Cr-13Mo-3W-3Fe. Ni based alloy with outstanding resistance to corrosion and versatility, chemical processing, electric power industry.

Hastelloy B2 - Ni-28Mo. Ni based alloy with superior resitance to HCl and strongly reducing chemicals.

Inconel 718 - 52.5Ni, 19Cr, 18Fe, 5Nb, 3Mo, 0.9Ti. Ni based alloy combining corrosion resistance with high strength for jet engines, rocket motors, and space craft.

Inconel 625 - 61Ni, 21.5Cr, 9Mo, 3.6Nb. Ni based alloy with high strength and corrosion resistance, used in chemical processing, aerospace, marine, and nuclear applications.

Ti-6Al-4V - Heat treatable alpha-beta titanium alloy for high temperature applications in aerospace such as structures and turbines.


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