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Weld Procedure- The set of machine parameters ( such as current, power, travel speed, lens focal length, energy, pulse duration, etc.) which are used to produce a weld.

Energy Transfer Efficiency- Dimensionless ratio of workpiece net heat input to the incident energy output from the power source. A high laser energy transfer efficiency reveals that little laser power is reflected.

Isotherm - A contour line on a graph which connects points having the same temperature.

Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) - The region adjacent to a weld where mechanical properties and/or microstucture have been altered by the heat of welding.

2D Weld - A weld where the heat flows primarily in two dimensions (2D).

3D Weld - A weld where the heat flows primarily in three dimensions (3D).

Melting Efficiency- Dimensionless ratio of the amount of heat required to just melt the fusion zone to the workpiece net heat input. Welds with low melting efficiency result in excessive heating of the base metal and increased chance for thermal damage and distortion.

Nd:YAG- Neodymium-doped Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet (YAG) crystal which is utilized as the lasing material in a common type of solid state laser. The Nd atoms form the active medium.

Process Efficiency- Melting Efficiency multiplied by Energy Transfer Efficiency

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