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30 Sept, 2011


SmartWeld provides analysis tools to investigate the impact of changes in weld procedures

Welcome to the SmartWeld website. SmartWeld is a set of science based software applications which enable engineers, designers, and technologists to determine optimal automatic welding procedures for seam welding, spot welding, laser welding, and many robotic welding applications.

If this is your first visit to the website, we recommend you start by clicking on any of the 14 Apps listed in the top box on the left. A description of what each App can do is given there. You can also see the App input and output screen by clicking the view the control panel link there. The SmartWeld Slides provide a short overview and history of SmartWeld, how it works and what it can do. The FAQ and Technical Discussions sections are also very helpful in understanding what other welding professionals think about SmartWeld and how they are using it.


30 Sep 2011: 1.) Thermal properties for most metals have been changed. New values were obtained by refitting experimental data with a two parameter fit. Some previous fits were also found to use an incorrect value for 2D thickness. New fits have lower least squares fit error in all cases. 2.) Help box added to describe run mode choice in ISOSPOT-3D. 3.) SPOT-3D time derivative computation method changed.

17 Jun 2011: An advisory warning about "minimum base temp +90degree" when using iso apps was removed since it was misleading. SourceForge link also added to gui.

21 Mar 2011: A problem with the graphics zoom feature for the SmartWeld contour plots was discovered. The problem was corrected. New source code and the SmartWeld standalone app were uploaded to the SourceForge SmartWeld site.

19 Mar 2011: A problem getting WELD-2.5D to finish completing the contour plots for certain materials was identified. A bug in the source code and the SmartWeld standalone app was fixed and the new files were uploaded to the SourceForge SmartWeld site.

18 Mar 2011: The SmartWeld ReadMe file was updated to reflect new Standalone App install instructions. Discussion of the 64 bit MCR installer was removed from the instructions because it is not compatible with the current compiled version of SmartWeld. The install directions for setting the MATLAB path were also deleted because the system paths are now set automatically in Windows.



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